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Shawn Collins, Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit is currently at the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery for Performance Marketing Summit Austin 2014.

About Affiliate Summit, Inc.

In 2003, Shawn and I founded Affiliate Summit for the purpose of providing educational sessions on the latest industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

Since then, the Affiliate Summit Inc. brand has grown to include Performance Marketing Summit, FeedFront Magazine, and

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Executives spend an average of 6 weeks per year looking for lost documents, notes the National Association of Professional Organizers. 5 Tools for Clearing Business Clutter. Reducing office clutter can drastically reduce the need to spend time looking for lost paperwork. Try these five tools to reduce office clutter and take back control of your professional life.

1. Scan business cards to reduce small paper clutter

It’s easy to hang on to business cards you receive at networking events “just in case” you need them again. However, unless you regularly review and recycle cards, you can find that you have hundreds you don’t need. And, of course, the one contact card that you do need will be hard to find. Reduce paper clutter without losing these contacts by scanning the cards and saving them to a program like Evernote, which is free. Alternately, manually enter information into your smartphone or a contact management system.

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Affiliate Summit East Against Cancer

The Race to Affiliate Summit East 2014, a dailymile challenge where Affiliate Summit will donate $1 to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in support of Affiliate Marketers Give Back team for each mile exercised through the challenge, is going through 07/31/2014.

There are currently 60 folks involved in the challenge, and the top ten competitors have already accumulated 7,789 miles.

Overall, there have been 10,395 miles tallied by all of the participants, so it’s $10,395 raised (so far).

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Make Money With Your WordPress Blog


“Affiliate Marketing Was Made For Bloggers” – Missy Ward

I’ve been saying that since 2005. And today, with more and more bloggers capitalizing on their passion by accepting paid posts, it couldn’t be more true today than it was then.

Unfortunately, whether PR agencies “hire” bloggers for product promotion and ambassadorships, in-bound links, or as a way to build Facebook and Twitter followings, they are getting absolute bottom dollar pricing on brilliant native advertising and content they don’t even need to create themselves. In addition, bloggers are constantly telling me that the “requirements” on reviews and sponsored posts are growing as marketers become even more aggressive in their outreach efforts.

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Affiliate Summit - The Real Affiliate Summit

Missy Ward and I created Affiliate Summit from scratch back in 2003, and have constantly evolved the company to do our best to make it the most productive and fun conference that it can be for the attendees.

So, it’s more than a little frustrating when I see a constant stream of domains registered in various countries with the Affiliate Summit name in them.

The latest, lazy, unimaginative hacks claim there is nothing wrong, because our brand is a generic name.

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