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A good business is a data-driven business (at least according to data-driven management practices).

Your marketing strategies, operational procedures and labor recruitment should all be based on carefully collected and analyzed data.

Given this premise, your data is your most valuable asset and losing it could cost you your business.

Is Your Small Business Prepared for a Data Disaster?




Is your small business prepared for a data disaster? Here is some info that can help you identify potential issues.


The more "visible" your business is, the greater a target it is for hackers.

This is a lesson that Sony recently learned the hard way when North Korea allegedly gained access to its private emails and data and released them to the world. The security breach before the release of the movie "The Interview" resulted in a media circus for the company and a major threat for the FBI and Homeland Security to contend with. [click to continue…]

Mobile Apps for SMBsSome entrepreneurs new to the small business world find themselves working weekends and even taking personal pay cuts to get their business off of the ground.

If you had a set of tools to make managing a small business easier, wouldn’t you use them?

Well with a guess what: You’ve had access to them all along. Check out these top mobile apps for SMBs that can make the startup life a lot easier: [click to continue…]

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