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11 Industry Blogs You Should Be FollowingAs an entrepreneur, your appetite for knowledge is practically insatiable. But with so many resources to choose from, how do you identify those that are most useful?

Here are 11 industry blogs you should be following to help you expand your knowledge: [click to continue…]

You’ve spent years developing your brand’s voice online and harnessing a content marketing strategy that appeals to your target audiences. As a result, your number of followers on Twitter and Facebook has soared.

But out of the blue, some sort of system glitch occurs and you lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. All the useful articles, infographics, videos and images have disappeared in a flash.

Even worse—your massive list of fans has been eradicated.

Should Your Business Back Up Its Social Media Accounts?

For businesses that regularly back up their social media profiles, a bulk of this data can be retrieved. But for those who have overlooked this pertinent step, they’ll have to rebuild from scratch. Depending on the nature of the business and industry they’re in, revenues could take a major hit.

Here are a few reasons why it's smart for your business to back up its social media accounts: [click to continue…]

HitPath Masters Conference - October 7-9 - New Orleands - Royal SonestaHitPath, a technology company that provides tracking and reporting functionality for attribution, channel marketing and affiliate marketing, recently announced the dates for their annual HitPath Masters Conference.

The 2015 HitPath Masters Conference ("HMC") is taking place at the Royal Sonesta on October 7-9, 2015. 

This 3-day conference is limited to 70 exclusive seats and brings together thought leaders who have exhibited exemplary mastership of their craft. [click to continue…]