There will be a Performance Marketing Summit in Denver, CO on June 17, 2014 taking place at the History of Colorado Center.

Performance Marketing Summit is a different kind of event from Affiliate Summit, in that it’s:

  • One day only.
  • Limited to 100 attendees.
  • We’ll all be together in one room with a focus on networking and education
  • All sessions will be just 18 minutes long.

Check back for more details on speaker and sponsor opportunities, as well as registration for attendees.

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Review our attendee terms and exhibitor/sponsor terms.

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Headed to SXSW?

Affiliate Summit will be co-sponsoring the “2014 Affiliate Marketing Happy Hour at SXSW” on March 7, 2014 from 4pm to 8pm.

We’ve teamed up with Marketing Clique, Schaaf-PartnerCentric, and For Me To Coupon for an open bar happy hour at the start of SXSW.

No badge required, and all affiliate marketers are welcome.

You’ll need this password to register, so we can keep out the riff raff: highperformance

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Last year, Hulk Hogan got back in the ring (with Tech Assets, Inc. in his corner) to bring Hostamania to the world.

This past week, the Hulk and the Hostamania crew exhibited at Affiliate Summit West 2014.


To me, Hulk defines wrestling.  His over-the-top persona was responsible for me noticing the WWF (now WWE) even existed, back in the 80′s.

But, while I needed no introduction the Hulkster, I did need to do some research on Tech Assets, Inc., as I was unfamiliar with their brand.

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So, this past weekend, I went on a little Facebook rant after watching some folks in the #ASW14 hashtag on Twitter make plans to meet during the show and flaunt the fact that they weren’t buying a pass to the conference.

It was so nice to see that many other people feel exactly the way that I do.

If you’re planning on sneaking into Affiliate Summit West 2014, know that you’re being watched and judged.

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So for all of you football fans with VIP and All Access Passes to Affiliate Summit West 2014; break out your drink tickets, grab a beer and catch a few plays all while you're networking in the Meet Market.