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Join the Race to @AffiliateSummit and we'll donate $1 per mile you clock to the @amgb @avon39walk #ASE15Affiliate Summit recently donated nearly $15,000 to fight breast cancer from the Race to Affiliate Summit West 2015 and $27,000 from the Race to Affiliate Summit East 2014.

Now it’s time for affiliate marketers to start all over again, kicking breast cancer’s ass through exercise.

Affiliate Summit has created a dailymile Challenge where we will donate $1 to benefit the Avon 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer in support of the Affiliate Marketers Give Back team for each mile cycled, run, swam, or walked.

In addition, the participant with the most total miles at the end of the challenge will receive a VIP Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2016. 2nd to 5th place finishers will each receive a Networking Plus Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2016, and 6th to 10th place finishers will each receive a Networking Pass to Affiliate Summit West 2016.

If you’re already exercising, you’ll make it count for more than just calories burned, simply joining the challenge and logging the miles.

The challenge runs January 26, 2015 through July 24, 2015.

dailymile syncs with a number of iPhone and Android apps, and they now have their own iPhone app.

For more information and details on joining, check out the Affiliate Summit East 2015 Race to Affiliate Summit East 2015 here.

Critical News- Calling ALL Florida Bloggers and Website Owners Using Affiliate MarketingIf you are live in Florida and consider yourself:

  • an affiliate marketer
  • a blogger or publisher that uses affiliate links in their posts
  • a merchant with an affiliate program
  • a network that runs affiliate offers


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6 Ways to Produce New Leads with Your Website or BlogAn integral part of a business's viability is reflected in its website and blog. With so many potential consumers to target, companies need to broaden its reach online to strengthen its marketing campaigns and grow revenue.

Here are six ways to produce new leads using your company website or blog:

Target Your Traffic

How are you generating traffic for your website? Are you targeting the right audience? These are key questions you must answer to determine if your website is even reaching the appropriate population for your product or service.

In order to maximize your lead potential, you need to cultivate an understanding of your audience and craft your message to direct it to this population. Otherwise, your product or services will fall into a black hole.

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